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Chef V

Mazama increased the percentage of completed purchases by web visitors to 18.83%, that is 15% higher than the industry average. By taking a data-driven approach, our team integrated several best practices that produced a return of $8.22 (ROAS) for every $1 spent on advertising.

Driving Sales Using Facebook Retargeting





400% ROAs over the lifetime of account
purchases in the lifetime of the account while with Mazama Media
ROAS in the retargeting campaign

Investing in Creative

After Chef V hired Mazama Media to do a photoshoot of their juice, they garnered an impressive return on ad spend. This ad was photographed and designed by Mazama Creative.

  • 10.93x Return on Ad Spend*
  • $11,288.12 purchase conversion 
     value on this ad alone

   *In the month of October 2019
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Let's Partner Up.

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