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Mazama Media tracked which customers at the Faulkner Automotive had viewed and/or clicked on a Mazama-made Facebook ad before purchasing a car. We used this data to identify the most effective ads and then optimized ads for those qualities. As a result, the average ad spend per sale decreased by 90% with automotive inventory ads (comparing October to May).

Faulkner Automotive

Increasing Engagement and Relevance




vehicle sales across 25 dealerships attributable to Mazama Media’s ads
car sales on average per dealership in May 2019 attributable to Facebook ads
decrease in cost per purchase with automotive inventory ads
(October 2018–May 2019)
(Comparing October to May)

Thanks to Mazama and Facebook, we have a professional, successful and measurable social media presence, which is very important to our automotive group as a whole.
—Neil Gandhi
   Director of Digital Marketing
   at Faulkner Automotive

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