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Custom Audiences: How to leverage the sales you already have but just didn’t know it yet

Are you using all of the data that you have collected and leveraging it to create a successful marketing campaign?

Chances are there are sales out there that you don't even know about! Its time to tap into that!

You will be able to take an effective marketing campaign to the next level for your company by creating a custom audience.

Catering to your audience

It’s really quite simple. 

By understanding your audience and the individuals that make up your audience, you can use the information you know about them to market to them in a more specific way.

Taking advantage of what you know about these people can create a successful, targeted marketing campaign that brings in big results!


This information is already at your fingertips! The first-party data that you have collected over the years should be put to work!

This is likely data that you have collected organically or by utilizing a pixel installed on your website that collects information from a visitor that comes to your website and allows you to create a Facebook custom audience.

First-party data

That is one of the many aspects that go into creating a website that converts, by utilizing pixels to track behaviors.

A pixel shows the interactions of people on your site that have looked at your products or services, clicked on a social media post or filled out a form or survey.

All of that information can be collected and used to re-target those people who were already interested in your products by interacting with your site.

That just means you are using a tool to get in front of the people that really want to buy your products.


Using Facebook to effectively utilize this data to create effective ads is the ultimate goal of creating a custom audience.

Understanding that audience, who you are selling to, and what those people are interested in will lead to using targeted Facebook ads, which you can cater to the audience.

We break down just how to create these types of ads in this video:

You can see what interests, jobs, hobbies, favorite books and movies, music and so much more, and target people based on that.

You can go even as far as targeting specific cities, states, or even the entire nation.

That is utilizing the data you have to get your funds behind the most effective ad campaign possible.

Ever wonder why you see an ad for a product that you were looking at earlier in the day pops up on social media?

Building the audience

That is putting that first-party data to work.

That website pixel grabbed that info from the interaction that someone had with your website. Now you are able to put that product in front of them, again and again, to keep them thinking about it.

It takes getting a product in front of someone eight times before they take action.

Keep getting in front of the people that are interested!

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