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Dynamic-Product Advertising: The Holy Grail of Ads

Many times when someone is online shopping, it takes some time to either capture their attention or get them to pull the trigger on buying from you.

Dynamic Product Advertising

And when you think about it you probably do the same thing…

Find what you are looking for...

Comparison shop...

Mull over the decision...

And then eventually make up your mind to buy or not.

That is common.

So if you know this, then it's time to market to those people and make sure that you are able to sell to them!


So first things first.

You need a website that is set up to convert and provide you with the information that you need in order to retarget those that are looking at your products.

Targeting the right audience

That can be done by setting up a pixel that will capture vital information about the behaviors of people who visit your website.

That data from the pixel can be put to use through dynamic-product advertising.

With that in place, you can create those ads that seem to pop up on your feed the moment after you talk about a product.

That way you have people thinking about it. Over and over again. It takes eight times for an ad to be in front of someone before they take action.

That is why retargeting is the name of the game.

With all of this data at the ready, you can make an ad that will go after the exact market that you are trying to sell to.


Okay, so with a pixel set you now are able to gather that data and use it to your advantage.

Now to put that data to work you need to understand the audience that you are catering to. It is likely that you have a good understanding of what sells well and what doesn’t.

So when you are looking at a potential audience to sell to you can use what you know to target the right people.

That means putting ads in front of people that have visited your website and have an interest in what you are selling. That is an effective ad campaign that is using your resources to its fullest extent.

Digital Advertsing

Even going as far as leaving out people that bought from you so you aren’t wasting your time.

This way you can drive products to customers that will most likely buy.

These are the types of tools that are at your disposal.

It’s about being smart when it comes to your marketing campaign.

And the beauty of these dynamic ads is that you can continue to fine-tune them.

Honing in on the people that are buying from you.

We have even more great tips on dynamic ads as well as using Facebook to its fullest extent if you download the Ecourse below.

3 insider Facebook tools that convert


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