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Facebook Pixels: Getting the most out of your website

Having a website that's put together well and looks good is just one step toward having a successful website.

But taking that website and using it to create more sales is what you really want to see.

Advertising data

That can be done by making sure that you have an effective marketing campaign, that is set up to get the most out of that website.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to pull data from your website that gives you further insight into the people that are looking at your products?

The good news…

There is a way that you can do this!

And it all starts with setting up pixels on your website.


A pixel is a tool that is installed on your website that measures just how effective your website or advertising is.

Making sure that your website and Facebook ads are working hand in hand to convert to sales.

The pixel can track 9 different actions people can take on your website:

Facebook Pixel

1. Page views

2. Searches on the website

3. Add to cart

4. Items added to a wish list

5. Started check out process

6. Added payment information

7. Made a purchase

8. Form submissions

9. When someone signs up for a service

By installing a Facebook pixel into your website you can gauge performance, track visitor interactions and re-target people for potential sales.


So now you have all of this great information on how people are interacting with your website and your ads.

That info is invaluable.

That allows you to retarget those people that may not have made a purchase on your website.

You can also take a look at that info and see what types of people are buying from you. That helps you create a custom audience that you can target. Like-minded people that are more likely to buy from you.

If you would like to see this put into action watch this video:

That is smart marketing tactics, that make your dollars go further. This information is invaluable and allows you to put your funds behind something that is sure to bring in results.

We have even more great tips on using Facebook to get results for your company. Click below to access the E-course.

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