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Reopening your business after the COVID-19 shutdown

Uncertainty is running rampant. COVID-19 is still looming large. And we are moving forward with opening the economy back up.

Reopening your business

That’s daunting.

There is so much to account for if you are getting set to open up your business. Not to mention, it's not going to be like it used to be before the pandemic.

Social distancing and health protocols will have to be in place. That’s a big change.

So what’s next?

Well, if you are going to open up it’s time to get your ducks in a row.

Time to get to work!


This is the first step in reopening. This is uncharted territory for everyone, but you don’t want to fly

into this thing blindly.

That’s just setting yourself up for failure.

And it’s the last thing you can afford to have happened right now!

Here are some of the biggest questions you should be answering before you open your doors.

1. What will the store look like?

Cleaning your business to reopen

2. How will you keep your staff healthy?

3. Are you going to be using acrylic shields? (Here is a great supplier where you can put your company's logo on your acrylic guard)

4. Are you going to have sanitizing stations?

5. Will you be wearing masks?

6. Do you need to be wearing gloves?

7. How will you keep social distancing protocols enforced?

8. Do your client personas want this?

Believe it or not, these are questions that customers and clients will want the answers to before they step foot in your store, shop restaurant, or whatever business you own. That makes it super important. Otherwise, they just won’t come.

That’s the pressing issue right now. People want to make sure that they are safe and healthy.

Bottom line.

That is what is most important right now.


Okay, so now that you have a plan in place, let’s let everybody know about it!

That’s where the marketing aspect will come into this! Making sure that people know you have put time and thought into reopening and are doing everything in your power to keep them safe.

That is what will be the basis of your reopening marketing campaign. And that is important, to first let people know you are indeed back open, and that you are putting their health first and foremost in your reopening process.

COVID-19 sanitation products

Show them what you are doing. Post your procedures and protocols that will keep them safe.

How have you been effectively communicating with clients during the pandemic?





Use it now! Keep it going! Show people what you are doing and keep it in front of them.

Social media advertising

Right now we’re still seeing some of the cheapest Facebook ad prices in a long time. About 30% cheaper than before the pandemic started. But as businesses open up, and the economy bounces back those prices are bound to go up! So now is the time to get in!

Make sure you can get the best bang for your buck. Part of that is having a good understanding of your buyer personas.

That is probably more important than ever. Keeping in mind that the virus and the pandemic are at top of mind for most people at this time. But they are still your customers, they still have the same qualities they did before the pandemic. Cater to that!

Here are some great tips and tools on buyer personas.

This will set you apart from your competitors.


So now that you have all of this great content keep putting it in front of your customers.

Make sure that your website has pixels set up to track how people on the site interact with it. That will lead to being able to get in front of your customers, again and again, utilizing that data to target people with advertising.

It takes getting a product in front of someone eight times before they are going to take action on it.

Digital advertising

Keep reminding people you are there, you are open, you are doing everything in your power to keep people healthy.

The key is having a website in place that will do the work for you. We have even more great tips on putting together a website that converts.

This is extremely important as we reopen. This is going to be the first place that people will look for information to find out if you are open, what your hours are, what you are doing to keep people safe.


Okay, now we have a plan in place. We have a marketing campaign. Ads are going out. Now it's time to collect as much data as you can.

And while you are collecting data through ads and your website, in this day and age, it's time to go beyond that.

Think about it. Many of us have had minimal social interaction with people for the past few months. Now, all of a sudden, we are going to be seeing more and more face to face interaction as the economy opens back up.

Learn about your customers

That is an opportunity! When people come into your store, shop, restaurant, or whatever business you own, ask them why they came in!

“What brought you in today?”

“What do you think about the situation?”

“What do you think about the policies we have in place?”

Old school. Gather that information. That feedback will prove to be invaluable. That is the pulse of the people. That is your community and their thoughts on what is going on.

That will tell you what is working and what isn’t and what you

can do to try and improve during these unprecedented times.

There is still a long road ahead. The pandemic’s impact will be felt for some time to come, but the tide seems to be changing.

It’s time to be on the right side of the next wealth transfer. Think about it…

Your business may have taken a hit, but wealth is never destroyed, it's just moved along. It’s time to get that wealth back in your pocket.

Click here to chat with us about turning this thing around!

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