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Websites that Convert: 4 Tips for Success

Gone are the days of storefronts and signage being the first impression of your business.


Now it is all about your website. That's where the relationship with your client begins.

That makes your website a crucial part of your success.

You need to set up a website to show the client what you do that is different from your competitors.

To show how they can benefit from what you are selling.

Creating a website that converts is something that takes some effort.

These 4 tips will get you to that place.


Your website is the gateway to your business. This is the first impression. MAKE IT COUNT.

That means making sure that the customer is first and foremost above all else. Sell yourself by showing how you can help those that are looking at your site.

At the same time, you can’t assume someone visiting the website knows anything about your company.

There is always going to be a bit of a knowledge gap to overcome.

That is “The Curse of Knowledge.” On a scale of 1-10, the knowledge you have of your business is a 15. And those that come to your website for the first time are at a 1.


It is your job to close that gap, explain what you are about, and get them to a level that they can comprehend what you are trying to accomplish as a business.

They don’t know what they don’t know. That burden to educate falls on your shoulders. And that is an opportunity to show what you do best, and how you can help!


So now that you have the customer up to speed, it's time to give them the chance to buy from you.

Give them the opportunity over and over and over again as they scroll through your website.

Our own website is a great example of this.

Mazama Media

You can see that from the get-go we are working to cater to the potential client, by showing them what we bring to the table and how we can help them out.

As you continue to scroll we are giving various reasons as to why we are the people they want to be working with.

And you notice we work to bring some sort of emotion into it.

Lost in the woods

With the “Lost in the woods” section, we are looking to lend a helping hand as people dive into the world of digital marketing for the first time.

As you continue to scroll through, you learn more about what we do. All the while we are giving them the opportunity to click “Get a Quote.”

That “Get a Quote” link is a "Call to Action." Its purpose is to turn someone visiting the website a lead or a sale.

One thing that you may notice about our site is that we don’t have a ton of words.

It’s more about the visuals and still is able to educate people and give them an idea of what we are all about.

Habit Hot Sauce

The key is education and then giving them the opportunity to buy from you.

This is especially important for a website that is selling goods.

Check out Habit Hot Sauce.

This site tells you about the product, and quickly gets down to business, giving you an opportunity to check out the products and BUY.

Clean. Simple. Educational.

Gets the job done!


This is important because. People love to have a roadmap to success.

Having this as part of your website is super beneficial. Giving people a step by step process to get where they want to go allows them to visualize their own journey to success.

Here is our plan:

Provide a solution

Simple. Informative. Visual.

All things that lead to a great website. Not too many words, good information, and gives someone an idea of how we can be of service.

That is the idea. Show how you can help. Show that you will be with them every step of the way. Finding the best solution.

We have a complete comprehensive look at a digital marketing plan.


Okay, so now it's time to validate yourself.

Through the entire website you have shown what you can do and why you are the right choice to work with.

You need to back that up.

We do that in a couple of ways on our website.

Closer to the top we show our certifications that we have from Facebook.

Promote your accomplishments

That adds value to what you bring to the table and makes you credible. Showing that you actually know what you are doing!

Another good way to show that you are the source people should work with is by using testimonials.

Find comments or emails that people have shared with you about what they love about your company.

Showing that others have found success with your products or services validates that you do good work!

So that is some of the easiest ways to create a website that will provide you with success!

It takes some investment, but in the end, it will all lead to more success. Times have changed!

Making sure your website is functioning and stands out from the rest could be the nudge you need to get to the next level!

We would love to talk with you about creating a website that converts. Click here to contact us!

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