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Messenger Bot: The New Email

While emails can be effective, it shouldn’t be the only way you communicate with potential clients and customers.

Facebook Messenger app

On average, emails have an open rate of 20%. And while you might see it as a good number, you can be doing so much better. With the changes to social media and how we all interact on the internet, new tools are coming to light that have even better open rates.

Messenger Bots average around an 80% open rate.

So, what would you rather invest in?

First things first though, what is a messenger bot exactly?

How does a messenger bot work?

When you break it down it’s a pretty simple concept.

Basically, you’re able to create a messenger bot that automatically answers and responds to someone through Facebook Messenger. It’s like an automated personal assistant there to create a relationship with your customers.

You’re able to program responses to common questions and keep people engaged with your latest services and products.

So, it’s a tool that can be used to engage and communicate easily with people through social media. That’s why these have already proven to be so much more effective than email.

Lead nurturing:

There are many reasons why a bot is so effective.

Facebook Messenger

At the top of the list is the fact that it’s done through Facebook, giving you great access to information about the person you are chatting with.

So in a way, you can think of a bot as a way to easily nurture leads. And it’s one heck of a way to nurture those leads.

Think about it.

Robocalls are becoming a thing of the past. People just don’t answer, plus they’re annoying.

Emails work, but they’re getting to the point where people are just inundated and don’t open emails that aren’t important to them.

And, the bottom line is, people are spending more and more time on social media.

This is where you want to be as well. It’s where everyone is spending their time nowadays. So not only is there a captive audience in place, but it is also a social networking site.

Why is that beneficial?

Well, you can look at people’s profiles, learn about them, and use it to your advantage. Not only to close that individual sale but to see what types of people are buying your products.

Facebook also typically provides you with more information than just what someone’s favorite movies and hobbies are.

Typically you’re able to get an email address as well as a phone number.

And we all know how valuable that information can be when it comes to closing a potential sale. It’s a tool that, when utilized properly, can bring you great results.

Messenger can take you to new heights

Communicating with clients

So having a direct line to the person you’re trying to reach is great. Not only are you able to answer common questions and provide feedback, but you are able to sell to them as well.

This tool can be used in so many different industries. From eCommerce to the medical field, or to real estate, there are so many ways it can be utilized.

And we want to let you in on a little secret that Facebook probably doesn’t want you to know about, but…

With a messenger bot, you’re able to go beyond what Facebook Ads allow you to talk about, or show pictures of, in a typical ad.

For example, many people want to be able to show before and after photos of what their products have done to help other people. This is not something Facebook’s ad policy allows.

But in Messenger, it’s free game!

So, whether it’s with beauty products or in the medical field, those photos are a great tool for those businesses to sell with. You’re able to show those pictures and talk to people about those amazing results!

Social Media

That is a big-time game changer.

You can also sell things through Messenger that Facebook won’t allow you to promote, such as hemp and CBD products.

And on top of all of that, this is a cost-effective way to talk to people. The cost per message is less than $5. And when you think about it, that’s not too bad because you are talking to someone already interested in what you are selling. They have asked for more information from you. That typically bodes well in converting a lead.


It’s an easy way to reach out, engage, and sell to people. And of course, we can help you get on the right track to success!

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