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Reaching out to Leads: 3 Steps that Convert

Leads are coming in. But you just aren’t seeing them turn into sales at a rate you would like.

Or maybe you aren’t even sure just how many leads you are getting which means you are probably missing out on potential sales!

Does this sound like an issue that you and your company are dealing with?

Capturing a lead is one thing. But turning that lead into a sale is another problem altogether.

Here’s something to think about: Mark Zuckerberg once told me Facebook conducted a study on their lead generation ads. That study found that calling a lead back between 5-15 minutes after they engage with your ad, it leads to a 30% reduction in sales.


Let that sink in.

Waiting just 10 minutes.

A 30% drop in sales.

So what should you be doing to make sure you don’t see these same problems?

Well here are some great tips that will help you convert leads into sales.

1. Technology is your friend

First things first.

Utilize technology to get yourself organized. This is what can set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

Customer relationship management system

Having a good customer relationship management system (CRM) in place for your company is a great investment.

Your email inbox won’t cut it! If you want to be effective.

Yes, it works for a moment, but if you really want to grow it just doesn’t keep everything organized enough to be effective on a larger scale.

Something like HubSpot could be exactly what you need. It allows for all of your contacts to live in one place. And you can manage them, reach out to them and sell to them all with the same software. The best news is… IT’S FREE!

This is not a sales pitch. It’s just professional software that will take things to the next level!

This will help keep everything organized, as you work towards your goals!

And that is the first step in collecting all of these contacts. Making sure you are able to turn them into something that can help you and the company be successful!

2. Pick up the phone

Now that you are able to keep all of these contacts in one organized location it's time to use that CRM to its fullest potential.

So, how long does it take for your company to follow up on a lead?

Calling leads

A day? Two days? Do you even measure this?

If you don’t that is a problem. That means you aren’t putting an emphasis on converting.

And that’s the top priority.

And in order to convert, you need to reach out to people as soon as they engage with your website, ads or emails!

And that doesn’t mean wait a day. That means RIGHT AWAY. Like within a minute if possible! The sooner the better!

As soon as someone is engaging with your content, pick up the phone and call them! That way you are talking to them while they're thinking about your products, goods or services.

And actually calling them is still the best way to do business. Create that relationship, it can last a lifetime and go a long way in building more connections!

Finding a company to work with

Here’s why:

What happens when you are searching for a company on the internet? Let’s say you need a plumber to fix your toilet.

So you start by googling.

And then you start calling.

And you are three or four names down the list before someone picks up and they can help you!

So, even though you are the first google result, you just gave away business because you didn’t answer the phone or call right back. You just gave the business to your competitor.

That is why it’s important to act fast and be proactive, not reactive.

3. Keep after the lead!

Now when you are reaching out to a lead, many times people don’t answer the phone.

That’s okay! Leave a message and then follow up again.

Right away. Send them a text, let them know you want to chat.

And use email as well! Have those ready to fire off! Keep following up with them!

Be relentless! Keep after them and keep reaching out until you get an answer

It may not be the answer you want, but the worst thing they are going to say to you is “No.”

Reaching out to leads

I can’t tell you how many times clients have told me, “Your persistence paid off.” That is why it is so important to keep following up, to create that relationship and build that trust. That is what will lead to getting the sale.

So don’t be afraid to be persistent. Have your follow up process figured out so you can get those sales.

So really think about it!

What do you do? What does your business do when you call a lead and don’t get an answer?

Lead nurturing


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